Frequently Asked Questions  


Q. Will this show up in a drug test? 

A. No, It's an all-natural syrup that is legal in 50 states!


Q. Does the Wocklean syrup freeze in the freezer? 

A. No it does not!

Q. How do i use my wocklean?

A. 1oz on it's own or mix 1oz in a 12-16oz soda or juice!


Q. What if i need to cancel my order? 

A. Simply email or call our customer service team to cancel your order.


Q. Is your packaging discreet?

A. YES, our packaging is very discreet and will not come in any branded envelopes.


Q. How do you confirm my order?

A. Once your order is received, our customer service team will email you that your payment has gone through and that your package is being prepared to ship.


Q. What are your shipping rates?

A. Standard Shipping is $5.95 

Priority shipping is $9.95


Q. Do you ship nationwide?

A. YES, we will ship directly to your door anywhere in the continental United States once an order is received


Q. Can you travel while carrying wocklean products ?

A. Yes, we are legal in all 50 states.


Q. Is there a limit on how many I can purchase?

A. No not at all!


Q.  Do you do Wholesale?

A. Yes we do! You can reach us at Wholesale@wocklean.com 


Q. Do you have a physical location?

A. Not as of the moment but you can order directly from us online at www.wocklean.com 


Q. Is Souljalean your product as well? 

A. Yes, but please be advised that it is only sold at www.souljalean.com